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Migraines: The Top 10 Treatment Centers

Thursday, Feb 10 2011


Migraines are severe and painful headaches. They are often preceded or accompanied by sensory warning signs. The signs include flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs, nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine pain can last for hours or even days.

The following are among the major causes of migraine headaches:

* Allergies and allergic reactions
* Loud noises, bright lights, and certain odors or perfumes
* Physical or emotional stress
* Irregular sleep or change in sleep patterns
* Exposure to smoke or smoking
* Fasting or skipping meals
* Alcohol
* Menstrual cycle fluctuations
* Tension headaches

Certain food items like nuts, bacon, and dairy products can also cause migraine headaches. Symptoms of migraines can occur before the headache, immediately before the headache, during the headache, and even after the headache.

Typical Symptoms of Migraine Headaches include:

* Moderate to severe pain, usually confined to one side of the head, but switching in successive migraines
* Pulsating and throbbing head pain
* Increasing pain during physical activity
* Inability to perform regular activities because of pain
* Nausea
* Vomiting
* Increased sensitivity to light and sound

Top Ten Migraine Treatment Centers:

Several reputed, quality migraine treatment centers exist in the U.S. Treatments are available for migraine headaches and migraines at these various treatment centers. The following are the top ten treatment centers for migraines:

1.John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland.

2. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.

3. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts.

4. New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, New York.

5.University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, San Francisco, California.

6.Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio.

7. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California.

8.St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Phoenix, Arizona.

9.NYU Langone Medical Center, New York.

10.Barnes-Jewish Hospital /Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri.



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