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Can A Chiropractor Help With Headaches?

Monday, May 31 2010


To explain how chiropractic can help with head pains we should first identify headaches. Not all headaches are the same. There are many causes of headaches and several different kinds of headaches; determining the type and what is causing them is the primary step to relief.

The two most familiar head pains are tension and muscular headaches. First let’s look at the attributes of a tension headache. The tension-type head pain is described as less severe than a migraine, but a feeling of rigidity around the head along with agonizing pain and neck tenderness. Tension headaches characteristically commence during the afternoon and may be aggravated by emotional or physical stress. If you suffer from this kind of headache, you are not alone.

Tension headaches are the most common type of head pain and an estimated 75% of the population are sufferers.

The other type of headache that is common is the muscular or muscle tension headache. These headaches as the tension headaches are extremely excruciating. The majority originate from the neck. Neck distress, such as whiplash or falls will notably amplify the risk of this type of head pain. Since it originates from the neck it is also known as cervicogenic headache. The risk of developing this headache after a fall or injury is awfully strong, even if years have passed since the injury occurred.

If you experience these or any other variety of head pain, stop living with the pain. By searching chiropractic care you may avert headaches permanently. Chiropractors will go to the source of the head pain to control them before they start. Tension-type headaches have been linked to spinal conditions referred to as spinal subluxations. Subluxations are areas in the spine where the movement is limited or bones are misaligned. Chiropractic adjustments will re-establish mobility to these areas, creating a spinal alignment, eliminating subluxations and removing a foremost risk factor for tension-type head pains.

While many will resort to popping a pill to lighten the indication of a headache, visiting your chiropractor is much safer and more effective. Consistent taking of drugs, even the seemingly nontoxic over-the-counter drugs can actually produce a condition known as analgesic-rebound headache. Analgesic means pain reliever, and no one is immune to this dysfunction; it can affect adults as well as children. Some researchers also believe that constant use of painkillers may cause alterations in the brain, resulting in a lowered pain threshold.

Chiropractic care is more effective and safer than most medications for headachen. Chiropractic care is also a safer and more effective way to lessen the neck pain linked with cervicogenic or muscular tension headaches.

Chiropractors will ascertain the root of the headaches and treat the root which in turn will lessen the sign which is the headache. Even frequent headaches can negatively affect your viewpoint and your productivity, at home or at work. Instead of reaching for the medications, reach for a safer and more effective form of relief. Make an appointment to see your Roanoke chiropractor now and rid yourself from headaches the natural and safe way.

by Ezine Hippo

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