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Monday, May 24 2010


Headaches are one of the most mysterious of all conditions that we experience over and over again in our lives. While headaches are a very common syndrome, it is very difficult to determine the root causes of it. But with years of analysis, practictioners have been able to classify headaches under two categories: migraine and tension headaches.

The norm of tension headaches are to occur in isolation but many people find tension headaches growing up tp chronic stages. The commonly suspected causes linked to chronic headaches are related to poor posture, fatigue, excessive stress, eye strains and alcohol use. Hormonal changes in women too, are known as a culprit.

Migraine headaches are the result of contricted blood vessels in the head or in the neck. The latter should explain the unbearable nature of migraines and the associated light and sound sensitivity in sufferers.

When it comes to headache treatments, it all depends on the type of headache that one is suffering from. Most headache treatments are medicine based but, there exist effective headache treatments that are nature based as well. Whatever the approach is, headache treatments need to be followed thoroughly and carefully in order to recover from the condition that may otherwise, become life threatening if left untreated.

As per medicinal headache treatments, the categorizations are twofold. The first type of headache treatments is known as abortive which treats a progressive headache while prophylactic headache interventions focus on forbidding headaches from taking place. Consequently, depending on the loudness, type and the length for which you have had the headaches, Dr. may determine to order either type of headache treatment for suffers.

The nature based headaches treatment remedies are very important for everyone. Consequently, proper sleep, use of natural tranquilizers such as chamomile tea, daily routine of exercise and a few minutes of meditation everyday will all add up positively to headache treatments that one may follow in order to recover from the dreading headaches.

A note to carry along: Medicinal headache treatments as well as nature based remedies, used hand in hand has been proven to be the most effective in the long run in recovering from headaches.

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