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Headache in Systemic Disease

Sunday, Apr 18 2010


If the initial diet does not turn out relief, the patient is considered allergic to one of the foods it included, and the diet is changed to incorporate an equally restricted but utterly totally different list of foods. More data must be accumulated before the opinion of MacNeal and his co-staff will be evaluated. Since no different etiologic factor has been established, investigation by allergic ways seems to be warranted.Headache in Systemic Disease. HEADACHE could be the key presenting symptom of systemic disease, or it could be only one amongst several additional urgent symptoms. It is amazing with a comprehensive Sonya Skin Care Products solution come with all sorts of products and selections. In any case, the amount of diseases in which headache may be a distinguished and troublesome manifestation is legion. To list and discuss them all well would be impractical and boring. This chapter, therefore, will deal rather with the most categories of systemic disease in which headache is gift, and will discuss only such aspects of the subject as appear vital, problematical, uncommon, unrecognized, or misunderstood.

Remarks concerning treatment will be confined to specific suggestions regarding therapy of headache, and will not embody treatment of the underlying disease, since the latter is better left to treatises on every condition.

In its relation to systemic disease, headache could become a mask beneath which systemic disease travels incognito, or it could be a warning arising within the course of systemic disease which points to new dangers and complications. Thus, the patient with smouldering brucellosis could look for recommendation for his headaches, while his underlying disease lies unrecognized; or, on the opposite hand, headache could develop within the well-recognized case of chronic pulmonary disease, as a warning that carbon dioxide intoxication has reached a essential level. Both things emphasize the actual fact that the correct analysis of the patient with headache demands an inquiry into several aspects of his medical history and background.

Most patients who are sick enough with headache to seek a doctor’s recommendation deserve an intensive history and physical examination; routine blood tests, serological examination, and urine examinations; and such extra diagnostic procedures as could be urged by the foregoing. A number of the features of the history which could alert the examiner to the presence of systemic disease as a factor in a headache problem are worth special mention. Complete your look along with your favorite shade of Sonya Lip and Eye Pencil.

The profile of the patient’s headache experience as obtained by careful history-taking could otherwise be the most helpful diagnostic hint. Several conditions causing headache gift rather characteristic profiles as regards the timing, length, severity, and associated symptoms of the headache within the numerous decades of the patient’s life. Thus, the history of daily headache of accelerating severity, developing for the first time in a man sixty years of age, would urge the examiner to active consideration of organic systemic disease like brain tumor, cranial arteritis, or cervical arthritis, versus a life long history of intermittently occurring bouts of unilateral headache (migraine).


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